Video Productions Services


Pre Production

  • Consultation for concept
  • Scriptwriting
  • Story-boards
  • Production management
  • Casting for actors, background actors and presenters


  • HD (High Definition) cameras or standard.
  • Lighting
  • Green and blue screen

Post Production

  • Editing and colour correction and grading
  • Special effects
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • DVD and Blu-ray encoding and authoring
  • Artwork for disk inlay, case and on-body print
  • Disc duplication
  • Encoding for web streaming
  • Foreign language voiceover or subtitles

Video Formats

Whether your video is to be delivered by web, DVD,  rendered to phone format or presented via projector at a conference , we can publish the completed video in a number of formats to suit your specific purpose We offer an in house DVD authoring and DVD duplication service, and are experts in enhancing video for use online through a website.

Your project

Whatever the purpose of your project, we are second to none in taking a vision from conception to completion. We can also work from your script, or incorporate your existing video footage. Just contact us to get started.